Whip-It breaks up the chemical bond of stains in seconds! The formula was designed to tackle even the most serious stains without using harsh chemicals. This plant-based cleaner is formulated using pure, powerful, plant-based ingredients like lemons, limes, oranges, eucalyptus and essential oils.

Since 1989, Whip-It was once only available to be purchased by commercial cleaning companies and institutions … and now it’s available to you!


Whip-It is unlike any green cleaner in the market. It’s truly unique. Think about it...if Whip-It can save just one stain ruined pays for itself!

Whip-It is a high-performance cleaner that outperforms harsh chemical based cleaners. Try it for yourself...You will be amazed!

Use Whip It Anywhere & Everywhere!

Whip-It does not contain any alcohol, ammonia, bleaches or dyes.

Use Whip-It multi-purpose specialty cleaner to tackle the bathroom, kitchen, floors, glass surfaces and more.

We are dedicated to creating powerfully concentrated plant-based products that require less packaging and they are more efficient to ship.

One bottle of Whip-It 32 oz concentrate can dilute to make 32 bottles of everyday cleaner. That’s a lot of plastic being prevented from entering our landfills!

Concentrated Formula That You Can Customize

Whip-It is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner, stain remover, and degreaser.

One bottle of 32-ounce concentrate dilutes to make 32 bottles of everyday multi-surface cleaner. The 128 oz gallon size makes 128 oz of everyday cleaner!

The concentrate is formulated so you can customize the cleaner’s strength for your specific cleaning needs...simply add water!


Whip-It Is A Huge Hit

Whip-It's powerful green cleaning solution is used in the market across multiple industries – from hotels to hospitals, transit authorities to professional cleaning companies.


Only need 1 tablespoon per load

Natural Laundry Detergent!


  • Our new Lil' Bully Emergency Stain Eraser gives you the same

  • Perfect size to keep in your purse, baby bag, office or car

Amazing Clean in Just Seconds.

You’re on the go and you just witnessed a stain on your clothing. Boasting incredible, stain-fighting power, The Amazing Whip-It Emergency Stain Removing Pen breaks down and lifts heavy dirt, food and set-in stains from the second the formula touches the stain to erase it from existence.